The Whole Team - Pandora
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Lucas visits Osborn in lock-up. She accuses him of killing his wife. He comments she's never been able to prove it.

He flashes back ten years to a dinner party with Shral and Lucas and his wife, Laura. Lucas gets Osborn alone and confronts him with the fact his wife is a mole, leaking secrets from C.I.S. She demands his resignation so that she can take his place as head of C.I.S.

As they are saying their farewells, Laura is struck with abdominal pain. After Lucas and Shral leave, he confronts her and it is revealed that he poisoned her.

In the present-day, Ralen asks Lucas about the news of TM5 and the Sumi. Their conversation is watched by Harlan Fried via the bugged ship model he gave Lucas. She orders him to the Dauntless and informs him that Jax has been arrested.

Duvall and Tierney portal to Homestead where the anti-matter weapon has been stowed. In exchange for the weapon, Tierney promises to portal Xander to his brother. Protector aliens appear and Xander and Tierney hide.

Jax's shell is glowing. Her guard suddenly turns and the Lost Race's emissary's voice emerges. Jax falls into a trance and wakes in the Ancients' motel. She begs for more time. Waking up, she tells the guard she's ready to talk to Admiral Lucas.

Tierney offers Xander a drink which he initially declines. She asks for trust and he drinks only to find it was drugged.

Lucas refuses to believe Jax.

The Ancient appears to Jax as she is taken back to her cell. She fights off her guards and runs into Jett. He and Raylan have a plan to help Jax escape.

Raylan meets his new captain.

Zazie joins Jett and Jax. Jax is upset and demands to know where Bloom is. Zazie begs for forgiveness and gives Jax the holo-message Bloom left for her. Jett reminds them they're on a tight schedule.

Osborn and Shral are brought to Lucas. She orders them returned to their cells but the guards are knocked out by Jett and Zazie. Jax joins them.

The Dauntless experiences some technical difficulties.

Xander wakes up and realizes Protector aliens are nearby. Using a hologram of himself to distract them, he escapes.

Shral shackles Lucas and she tries to convince him that he's not who he thinks he is. He stuffs a scarf in her mouth to silence her after she comments on Laura being her sister.

Osborn tries to take command of the group but Jax shuts him down on that.

She plans to make her testimony to the Ancients.

Shral plans to stay with Lucas.

The Dauntless is still glitching and a repair shuttle docks, carrying Jax and the rest.

On Homestead, Tierney finds the crashed Protector ship but runs into an alien. The alien morphs into Xander. He informs her that he's hidden the weapon she wants.

Jax hooks Jett into the Dauntless's system. Zazie and Osborn stall on the bridge. Suddenly the ship's oxygen is being vented and the captain orders the crew to abandon ship.

Jax's team takes over the ship and heads to Asmodeus VI. Shral informs Lucas.

Lucas informs Shral that the Zatarians turned him into spy. While he's distracted, she zaps him.

Jax comments to Osborn about Jett and Ralen becoming unlikely friends.

Xander discovers Zion and the clone soldiers have landed on Zatar. Tierney prepares to portal them there.

Jax asks Ralen for his insights on the galaxy.

Xander and Tierney Portal to Zatarian High Command, disguised as Zatarians.

En route to Asmodeus VI, Jett reports that Earth Com has sent battle cruisers to intercept them.

Lucas hails them and orders them to stand down and surrender. If they don't, she will kill Shral.

The Earth Com forces board and find the ship abandoned except for Osborn.

Xander and Tierney find Bey Turan and Zion meeting with Ralen's father.

Osborn and Lucas have a private conversation about their relationship and Lucas reveals that she was the spy, not Laura.

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Pandora Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

You're wise not to trust. People will always disappoint you.


The secret to unifying the universe is to better understand each other