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Maggie's past bad behavior catches up with her and her job is in jeopardy.

Life Magazine is doing a follow up article on Laura and Pan Am.

Kate is grounded under the pretense that they cannot find her small pox vaccination. The CIA needs her on home turf to deal with a visiting Nico.

Ginny Saddler continues to fly Dean's Pan Am flights and Vice President Henson comes clean with him about their relationship.

Maggie and Laura get into trouble in Rio de Janeiro and Ted comes to their rescue.

Maggie uses a secret to save her job.




Pan Am
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Pan Am Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Kate: Keeping that, are you?
Nico: For a special girl back home.
Kate: You say that because you know how competitive I am.

Ted: Half a million copies sold. And to who? Women. And understanding women is the best way to get women.
Dean: You understand women?
Ted: Oh, less than ever. But as least now it sounds like I do.