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A whirlwind of new revelations and exposed feelings on the Pan Am finale left us wondering what could come next. Read the review for the details!
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Did you ever wonder what it would be like to know the end of a story before reading it through? That's what we discover tonight on Pan Am as Nico, Graham and Ginny make reappearances in this out of order episode.
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Pan Am was a perfect blend of soapy goodness, chic style and historical events in "New Frontiers." Read the review to see what the episode brought us.
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Our Pan Am crew flies the first commercial flight to the Soviet Union, and their welcome is less than friendly. Read the review for details about that and more.
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Pan Am took us on a journey through our characters ideals during "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang." To find out who made the most of their moment, read the review!
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"Unscheduled Departure" was one of Pan Am's best episodes to date. Read the review to find out how our crew landed in and got out of Haiti, unscathed!
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Pan Am takes viewers back to the 1960s. The series takes place when having a job with the airline industry was a sign of luxury and it stars Christina Ricci, Kelli Garner, Karine Vanasse, Margot Robbie, Jonah Lotan and Michael Mosley.

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Tower: Clipper 22, Tower. Your special delivery just arrived, Sir.
Dean: Thanks Tower. That's our girl!

Thanks, Ted, but Pan Am wants actual pilots in the left seat.