Outlander Season 5

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"Free Will"

On Outlander Season 5 Episode 3, Jamie returns home as he begins to gather a militia, and he and Claire make a decision together about their future.

"Between Two Fires"

On Outlander Season 5 Episode 2, Jamie hits the trail with Lieutenant Knox to hunt down Murtagh and runs into some unsavory business along the way.

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"The Fiery Cross"

On Outlander Season 5 Episode 1, Claire and Jamie's life in America is threatened as they're pinned between their ties to the Crown and an undercurrent of unrest.

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Outlander Season 5 Quotes

Jamie: But having just got you back, must I give you away so soon?
Brianna: Da. No matter where I am, I will always be your wee girl.

Claire: You've been busy.
Jamie: I should so what I can for her. While I have the chance. We've not had enough time together.
Claire: It was going to happen one day. And we're giving her away to a man who loves her. What? You doubt his love?