Becoming Alienated - Outcast
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In the past, Sidney is carnival worker handing out prizes. He goes home where he's holding a boy hostage in a locked room.

In the present, Sidney is getting ready to leave when Giles shows up and arrests him. 

Reverend Anderson is filling pews with Bibles. No one showed up for Sunday sermon.

Mark and Megan have a fight.

Reverend Anderson visits Kyle. He learns about Allison. Kyle is having a hard time believing Rev. Anderson. Kyle tells him he was arrested. The Reverend is not happy.

Patricia and Aaron have breakfast and Aaron tells her he drew the pentagram on the memorial statue.

Sidney is in jail while Giles and Reverend Anderson argue. Anderson doesn't want him there. Giles mentions demonic incidents are increasing in town.

Kyle and Amber visit Kyle's mom. Kyle explains to Amber what happened to Allison. When he notices someone left flowers, he learns that Sidney visited her recently.

Aaron goes to visit Sidney at his place, but there's no answer so he breaks in.

Kyle drops off Amber at Megan's place. Explains to her what happened with Allison at the house.

Reverend Anderson comes across Kat who has a flat tire and offers her a ride. Kat obliges reluctantly.

Kyle visits Sidney in jail. Sidney tells him the story of how they go where they go. While he's explaining himself to Kyle we flashback to his possession of the non-possessed Sidney again who is a pedophile.

Kyle asks about his mother, but Sidney lays a guilt trip on Kyle telling him if he would have let her be, he'd still have her instead of a vegetable. He says he doesn't know his mother, that he only heard about her and her fight. 

Reverend stops at Kyle's house with Kat. Aaron watches as Kat tries to run away and Anderson tackles her. They struggle then she goes inside.

Ogden shows up by Kat's car, but Kat is being interrogated by Anderson. He thinks the apocalypse is coming. She shoots him down taunting him that instead of being afraid he should be joyful because Jesus is coming, but since he's scared maybe that means he really doesn't believe it to be true.

Aaron is at the police station and tells Giles that Anderson carved himself up.

Kyle gets home. Giles picks up Ogden who tells him he knows Kat is possessed and he likes it that way because she's different. He explains the camper is used as a temporary house until the change has been completed, because sometimes they can hurt themselves. There are about 6 in town so far.

Reverend Anderson wants to exorcize Kat, but Kyle refuses. He tries to force Kyle on her, but Kyle resists and attempts to take Kat home. Anderson attacks Kyle as Giles and Ogden show up. Anderson basically loses his shit going off on Giles for failing him and the community. He storms off.

Mark sold his truck for cash so Megan can get her ring back. Giles lets Sidney go with a personal warning.

Anderson goes home, but congregational leaders are waiting for him and tell him he's fired. He goes to Patricia's house. While he's being comforted by her, Kyle shows up at Megan's and they have dinner, saying a prayer beforehand. Sidney confronts Aaron and then makes him dinner and lets him stay.

Flashback to newly changed demon Sidney. He hears the screams of the boy, breaks down the door, and lets him go free, The final word of the hour being him telling the boy to "Run."


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Outcast Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You don't get to choose. The saints are just as susceptible as the sinners.


You ain't seen no fight yet.