Watch Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 1 Online to see a flashback to where it all began, following Beth as she investigated Neolution years earlier.

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Watch Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 1 Online and see how it all began, when Beth (assisted by another clone, M.K.) investigated Neolution for implanting chips in body modification enthusiasts. Meanwhile, in the present, M.K. warns Sarah of Neolution's approach.

Episode Details

On Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 1, Sarah's refuge in Iceland is destroyed when Neolution attacks and she is forced to flee once again in the season premiere.

Rating: 3.8 / 5.0 (76 Votes)
Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

OK, well, that's cheeky. Cause of death? Have to go with... exploding cigar.

Janis Beckwith

M.K.: Follow the coordinates.
Beth: What?
M.K.: Remember, don't trust anyone next to you.