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As Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 8 begins, Donnie is introduced to life behind bars. He's immediately approached by someone and begins talking about why he's inside. He brags about being inside for trafficking and is approached by another man who says he's been looking for Donnie.

Rachel tells Ira about the swan in her mechanical eye and the two of them discuss Leda and where they'll go from here now that Susan has given up. Rachel stands without her crutches for the first time.

Sarah and Kira visit Cosima and Kira gets a visit from Mika. She listened in on Evie's conversation with Susan and Rachel and knows that they're all in trouble. Cosima asks for a way to talk to Susan. She has a plan.

Felix and Alison visit Donnie in prison and he brings Adele along to represent Donnie. She shows up smelling like alcohol and Alison panics, but Adele takes over the situation.

Rachel and Ira join Susan and Charlotte as Susan and Charlotte look at dead birds from around the island. Rachel demands to know what the plan is for saving all of them, but Susan dodges the question. Siobhan asks Sarah if she managed to make contact and learns that Mika plans to get them connected. Siobhan is obviously distraught about something and when Sarah isn't looking she takes a gun and plans her revenge.

Mika puts Sarah in touch with Rachel and Susan and while they discuss finding a cure for all of them, Mika patches Cosima into the conversation. Kira shuts down Sarah's computer and tells Sarah that Siobhan left, with a gun, to run an errand. Siobhan is tracking Duko.

Cosima discusses what remains of their data and notes with Susan and Rachel. When Scotty sees Rachel's involved, he refuses to help. Susan dismisses Rachel and Ira at Cosima's request.

Alison and Adele meet with Donnie and she gives him "Jailhouse 101." Her advice is that he speak to no one, but the guy from lunch walks in while he's chatting. He asks to speak to Alison alone and tells her that the guy on the inside with him is a Neolutionist. She knows Duko's behind all of it.

Siobhan stalks Duko while Sarah and Art search for Siobhan. Duko has gone AWOL and Siobhan has him in her sights. Just as she's about to pull the trigger, Alison arrives and gets into his car. Duko tells her they're caught in the crossfire and that the fight isn't really with the Hendrix family. His bosses want Sarah, and if they don't get her, Donnie will die.

Alison goes to rehearsal for her musical revue and runs into the pastor. He tries to get her to unburden herself of whatever secret is weighing on her heart. He leaves her alone to sit with god, but she calls Felix and asks where Sarah is. She asks him to come to the church for rehearsal.

Cosima and Scotty come up with a plan which will require participation from both Sarah and Ira. MK calls with news about Duko and the audience learns that she's sick. Rachel practices walking without her crutches and makes it several feet before she sees the swan again. This time she also sees a man dressed in black.

Alison rehearses for the play and finds an airplane bottle of vodka in her makeup kit. Just as she's about to drink it, Felix arrives. She fishes for information about Sarah and he fishes for information about Alison and Donnie. He name drops Evie Cho and Alison changes the subject. 

When Alison walks back into the sanctuary, Duko is standing behind the pulpit. He puts Donnie on the phone and the Neolutionist is in his cell with a shiv, prepared to stick it into Donnie's brain. Alison gives Sarah up to save Donnie.

Duko waits outside the comic book shop while the Neolutionists wait inside Donnie's cell. Alison takes the stage in Jesus Christ Superstar rehearsal and Donnie gets beaten up while she's across town singing. Just as Duko's about to make the call to have Donnie killed, Sarah enters the shop. Duko follows but doesn't find Sarah.

It was a trap. Art and Siobhan appear with a gun and stop Duko's madness. He makes the call to stand down against Donnie and Sarah sends a message that Donnie is safe.

Instead of arresting Duko, Art ties him up and lets Siobhan torture him for answers. She learns that Evie wants Sarah, but for what, Duko doens't know. He offers to work for them instead of Brightborn but Siobhan shoots him.

As Scotty cleans up the blood spatter, Sarah returns to the comic book shop and learns what Cosima's planning. In order to have what she needs for the science, Cosima will be joining Susan in her fortress. Susan preps Ira and Rachel about Cosima's arrival. 

Ira is eager to have her there but Rachel still wants to go after Evie Cho. She volunteers to go back and work with Sarah and the others to restore Susan as the head of Neolution. 


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Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

You look just like her, except with less anger and more hygiene.

Adele [to Alison]

Susan: You should take up a hobby, too. Ira, have you shown her your toy soldiers?
Rachel: Yes, perhaps I should take up carpentry. I can build us all coffins. Should I start with the smallest first?