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Rachel continues to see flashes thanks to her bionic eye. She sees an old bearded man beckoning to her, on an island. She wakes up and Ira brings her to see an interview with Evie on the TV. Evie explains her reasoning for building a new Brightborn facility in her old hometown of Tisdale. Rachel realizes that Evie has gotten the government approvals for the implant bots. Ira and Rachel are interrupted by the arrival of Felix and Sara. Sara thinks that working together is a bad idea. Helena walks through snowy woods with a dead animal that she’s killed on her back.

Rachel and Ira explain Rachel’s plan to take down Evie — two of the full-term human experimentation test subjects, Kendra and Tabitha, fled the Brightborn facility and Rachel wants Sara to track them down, so she can use them to take down Evie. Rachel offers up Ira to help them but Sara refuses, taking the files and going off to find them with Felix.

Evie’s colleague shows her a blackmail video that arrived in the mail for her, showing one of the mutated Brightborn babies being euthanized. It’s accompanied by an email saying that if she doesn’t leave them alone, the whole video will go online. Evie asks about Duko. Evie’s colleague cautions her to focus her attention on the Brightborn press conference that day. Evie’s colleague assigns a job to the two paramedics.

Donnie is released from jail and tries to feel up Allison but she shuts him down. He tries to reassure her when she says her faith is gone and assures her that they’ll let Adele get them out of their legal mess. Sara calls in Art who is able to get a lead on two women — one pregnant, the other with a newborn — who might be the test subjects that Rachel needs. Felix, meanwhile, gets word that Donnie is out of jail and goes to make sure the Hendrixes don’t let Adele in on the clone secret.

On the island, Cosima works with Susan Duncan to fertilize Sara’s Leda egg with Ira’s Castor sperm to use with the cure research. Susan walks Cosima through the fertilizing process. Susan is concerned with Cosima’s health. She brings Cosima a rare edition of a book, “On the Science of Neolution,” by PT West Morland.

Art and Sara drive up to the location where he had a lead on one of the women — a women’s shelter. They see cop cars. Art goes inside to investigate and finds the police investigating Tabitha’s suicide. Both Tabitha and her unborn child are dead. Tabitha’s other friend, Trina (the young, formerly pregnant girl that Beth was working with), found her hanging.

In the car outside the women’s shelter, Sara gets a call from Helena who has built a hut for herself out of animal skins. Helena assures her that she’s found a place for herself but is concerned that there are problems with her clone sestras. Sara assures her that everything is fine and is glad that Helena is far away from it all. Sara spots Trina and quickly says goodbye to Helena. She pretends to be Beth and speaks with Trina, who admits that Beth was right about Neolution’s nefariousness and that it’s way worse than Trina thought.

Art inspects the body and notices what appear to be defensive wounds on the apparent suicide victim. The other cop at the scene brings up Duko, asking if Art has seen him because he has been MIA for several days. Art denies it but tenses up and leaves quickly. The other cop looks suspicious.

Trina tells Sarah that she knows Tabitha didn’t kill herself and tells Sarah where Kendra is, insisting that Sarah find Kendra before Neolution does. She tells Sarah that Kendra is in a house in Tisdale.

The other cop calls Evie and reports that Kendra is headed to Tisdale but that they’re not the only ones looking for her.

Adele meets with the Hendrixes and Felix to go over their defense. She doesn’t know yet what evidence the cops have on them. Felix points out that there are two plainclothes cops parked outside of their house. Allison slips up, mentioning that the cops couldn’t be Duko. Adele is suspicious that there is something going on that she doesn’t know about. Felix quickly ushers Adele out, back to his house.

Evie’s doctor, Ian, examines her implanted bot. He promises that he will find the missing carrier, Kendra, so that all of the Brightborn progress isn’t for nothing.

Rachel calls Sarah, offering her help. Sarah refuses it. Rachel and Ira use the phone call to track Sarah to Tisdale and Rachel sends Ira after them, to provide a contingency backup in case Sarah falters.

Charlotte arrives to talk to Cosima. They bond, with Charlotte asking about Cosima’s hair. Charlotte and Cosima look at the book that Susan gave Cosima. Charlotte points out her favorite part — the map of the island that they’re on. Charlotte points out where they are and tells her what the island is made of.

Back at Felix’s apartment, Adele questions Felix about what is going on with Sarah, Allison, and the rest of their family. Felix dodges her questions until Helena shows up, shocking Adele. Helena moves to leave but Adele stops her, telling her she’s got so many questions.

Donnie and Allison have vigorous role-playing sex but Allison is distracted and insists that they pray together immediately after. Allison insists that they leave, to go hide out in a Niagara hotel, because everyone in their town knows that they’re criminals.

Rachel continues to have flashes of a community living around a cabin. She sees the swan there and then sees someone pick up an axe and move after the swan.

Sarah and Art finally find the correct house where Kendra is hiding out in Tisdale. Sarah spots baby stuff through the window and picks the lock. They enter the house and find a baby fussing. Kendra appears and holds a gun on them, refusing to let them hurt her baby.

At Felix’s apartment, Helena asks after Sarah and the Hendrixes. Felix tries to assure Helena that everyone is fine but Adele spills the beans about the Hendrixes legal troubles. Tensions mount between Helena and Adele as Helena gives away that she knows about the Pouchy murders. Felix separates the two and asks Helena to leave for a bit while he speaks to Adele. He asks Adele to leave, not wanting her to become wrapped up in the danger and drama. She is clearly upset, saying she’ll leave him with his “real family” for a while, and leaves.

Art and Sarah talk to Kendra, who has calmed down, as she cares for her baby. She explains that she and Tabitha heard rumors that babies were being born deformed. They snuck out and saw one of the deformed babies being euthanized. Kendra took a video on the phone she snuck in (the video sent to Evie) and they escaped. Sara and Art watch the video and ask Kendra to come forward to take Neolution down. Kendra refuses, saying that they’ll hurt her, her other son, and Jacob, the Brightborn baby who was born blind. She tells them to take the video of the euthanization and leave.

Susan asks Cosima what she thinks of West-Morland. Cosima believes he was racist and had questionable ethics (like Susan). She believes that creating Charlotte, who has a deformed leg and a terminal illness, was unethical. Susan mentions that she was under immense pressure to continue the Leda experiments at the time she created Charlotte but refuses to elaborate. Cosima reports that the fertilization of Sarah’s egg with Ira’s sperm is progressing and they’ll soon have a zygote for their cure research.

Sarah talks to Rachel on the phone. Rachel insists that Sarah blackmail Kendra to come forward and do whatever is necessary. Sarah refuses, telling Rachel that it’s Kendra’s decision and she won’t lie to her. Rachel calls Ira and tells him to enact their contingency plan, but Ira tells her that they have a problem.

Art and Sarah work on convincing Kendra to come with them but they are interrupted when they hear Brightborn surrounding them outside. Kendra rushes off to quiet baby Jacob. The phone rings and Kendra answers. It is Rachel, who threatens Kendra’s other son in order to get her to leave with Ira. Art and Sarah apprehend the two Brightborn lackeys who swarm the house, but when Sarah goes to find Kendra, she’s gone — Sarah sees her get into the car with Ira and drive away, recognizing that Rachel got to her first.

Allison and Donnie pack for their escape to Niagara Falls. Donnie notices that the cop car is gone outside and has been replaced by an ambulance. Donnie goes to retrieve something from the basement and Allison hears a crash. She goes downstairs to find the other Brightborn paramedic-lackey with a knife to Donnie’s throat.

Evie practices her speech to the press. Her colleague arrives to tell her that Rachel has arrived, with information about Kendall, as the press begins to filter in.

At the Hendrix house, the Brightborn lackey ties up Donnie and Allison. He threatens Allison with a defective bot to get her to tell him what happened to Duko. Instead of talking, Allison tells Donnie she loves him and begins to pray. As the lackey is about to insert it into her mouth, Helena arrives with a bow and arrow and shoots him through the head, saving the Hendrixes.

Art and Sarah find and apprehend Ira. He assures them that Kendra is safe and that Rachel is dealing with Evie Sarah explains that Rachel is playing all of them — that she only wants power and will cut all of them down to get it.

At Brightborn, Rachel confronts Evie, negotiating with her in exchange for Kendra, Jacob, and the video. She tells her that in exchange for a seat of power at Neolution, she’ll hand over everything. But Ira is recording the entire conversation with a camera hidden in Rachel’s necklace, preparing to upload it to every major news organization. In the midst of Evie’s speech to the press, Rachel’s video spreads to the press like wildfire and everyone begins asking about the euthanasia admission. Evie’s collegaue leads her away as she realizes what Rachel has done.

Later on, Rachel again has flashes on the woods and a cut off swan head. She tells Ira that it isn’t a glitch — the flashes are of the island and someone is trying to show her something.

In a mysterious, rugged room with many jars, a woman sits at a desk, listening to a radio and writing something. A man reaches for her shoulder. The woman turns at his touch — she’s Delphine, alive.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Donnie: Well, she can wait! Daddy needs his conjugal, baby.
Allison: Donnie, our lives are imploding and all you can think about is your [whispers] stiffy?

Felix: I’m sure we can all agree that this little diplomatic exchange is rock bottom. Susan gets the brilliant and delightful Cosima, forging ahead to save your lives, while we get you, Rachel, and your half-baked plan to take down Evie Cho.
Ira: I can assure you, it is not half-baked --
Felix: Ira, you fertilized my sister’s eggs for science, you don’t get to speak, too.