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The majority of the episode takes place in a flashback to events before Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 1.

A young woman with her face covered by a sheep mask (named M.K.) watches from behind a tree as two people in EMS emergency outfits bury a body, stopping briefly to make out with one another. She's almost spotted by them but sticks a sticker on a tree and flees. 

M.K. calls Beth, telling her to follow the coordinates and not trust anyone next to her. Next to Beth in bed is Paul, who wakes up when he hears Beth on the phone. She lies to him about not knowing who it is. She goes to the bathroom, receiving the coordinates from M.K. on her phone. She snorts a crushed pill.

As she leaves, Paul asks her what time she'll be back, wanting to make dinner for her later. She's suspicious and noticeably chilly towards him, but attempts to play it off. She agrees to dinner later.

Beth finds M.K.'s sticker on the tree at the crime scene, removing it and sticking it in her pocket quickly. She meets Art at the scene. She tells him that the tip was from an anonymous source. They meet forensics there and examine the body. The body is of a male who's into body mod (two different colored eyes and a bisected penis) and has his entire cheek missing. The body mods appear to be voluntary but the cheek was likely removed against his will.

Leaving the scene, Art and Beth makes plans to grab lunch. Beth gets a call from Cosima, who has just switched schools for the other clones. Cosima asks Beth to make sure Allison deposits the money for her tuition in her account, because she just broke up with her girlfriend and is technically homeless. Beth promises to take care of it.

Beth and Art meet for lunch. Art quizzes her about what's up with her lately, asking if it is just her relationship problems with Paul. He knows about the pills. She declines to lean on or confide in him. Angie arrives and asks how Beth is. Beth brushes the question off and leaves. Angie notes to Art that Beth looks shaky.

Felix is being booked for solicitation in a club in Beth's precinct. She sees him but does not interact with him.

Beth hits Raj up for security equipment, saying she wants to spy on Paul because she thinks he is cheating on her. Raj, who clearly likes Beth, agrees.

Beth lies to her boss about where the tip came from, again claiming it was anonymous. She leaves to speak with her sources. Her boss asks Art whether Beth has been making her meetings and Art says she has.

Beth goes to meet up with Mika and finds Mika wearing a mask on the computer screen -- she refuses to speak with Beth in person because Beth took her car and is not careful enough. Beth notes that Mika convinced her that Paul is a spy, so she is plenty paranoid. Mika notes that the only reason she (Mika) is still alive is because they think she is dead. Beth asks what she saw in the woods and Mika claims she saw Neolution. She tells Beth that they are implanting ideas in their followers, in order to perform experiments. She met the dead man online. She suggests Beth start by going to Club Neolution.

Art notes that they tracked the victim's tattoos and his name is Edward Capra. He sets off to visit Capra's parents while Beth goes to Club Neolution.

While there, she speaks with Astrid, pretending she's interested in body modification before revealing herself as a cop. Astrid privately calls Olivier Duval to tip him off that Beth is there.

Beth talks to a pregnant body mod girl named Trina and asks her about the magnets a woman is implanting in fingers. She asks the girl and her protective, suspicious boyfriend if they knew Capra. The boyfriend denies that they did. Beth leaves, giving her card to the girl.

Allison calls Beth to tell her she's sent Ramon, her flower guy, to deliver flowers, a card, and the other items Beth requested. Sure enough, Ramon delivers pills and a jar of urine to Beth along with flowers.

Olivier calls Aldous to tell him that Beth just came to Club Neolution. He tells him that they should pull Paul off as her monitor, as he's no longer effective. Aldous declines. A young Asian woman, Evie Cho, asks if he's OK and he notes that one of his subjects seems to have exhumed one of her subjects.

Beth suddenly shows up, asking Aldous whether he knew Edward Capra. Aldous refuses to give up any information and extols the virtues of self-directed evolution. Beth leaves. Evie realizes Beth is a LEDA clone. Aldous warns her to look after her end and he'll take care of steering Beth away.

Beth goes back to the police station, having been called in. Her boss removes her from the case after noting that they traced her anonymous tipper to a burner phone. Beth reacts angrily. Her boss, Mike, is called away upstairs by a bearded man, telling Beth she has to take a urine drug test. Beth goes to the bathroom and uses Allison's daughter's urine for her drug test. Raj gives Allison the surveillance equipment. She thanks him warmly and goes home to install it in her and Paul's apartment.

Waiting for Paul to get home while at the dinner table, she snorts another pill and drinks. Paul gets home and asks if they want to go on vacation. Beth suggests that they just stay home and have sex for two months. She tries to come onto him desperately, begging him to see her, and asking why he's doing this. Paul accuses her of being paranoid and walks away from her. As his back is turned he tells her if she wants it to be over to end it, as Beth holds a gun on him. She calls him a coward and tells him to end it.

Beth goes to Art's apartment, where he's watching TV with his daughter. Art sends his daughter to bed. Beth dozes off on the couch and Art covers her with a blanket. She grabs his arm and tells him to look at her and see her, echoing what she said to Paul earlier. He begs her to tell him what's going on. She kisses him. He resists at first but gives in and they have sex.

Trina calls, waking Beth and telling her that she's worried about her boyfriend Aaron. Aaron went off with extreme body mod people and allowed them to implant something in his cheek, but now it's growing. Beth wonders why he'd allow them to implant something in him, and Trina explains that they told him it was for a biometric study. She directs Beth to Aaron's lab. Beth assures Erin that she'll make sure he's alright. As she approaches, she pops up a pill. Unseen by Beth, another car pulls up next to hers.

Beth spots an ambulance as she approaches Aaron's building. She approaches Aaron's lab with her gun drawn. Unseen, she peers inside through the window and sees the same two emergency workers that M.K. saw in the woods. Aaron is begging them to please get "it" out. They agree easily. The male emergency worker comments that at least he didn't try to cut it out himself, like Mr. Capra.

The bearded man arrives, startling Beth who recognizes him. He chastises the workers for not even trying to talk him out of removing the device, noting that "they" will not be happy about this. The female emergency worker cuts Aaron's cheek off while he's knock out and removes a tiny bug-like object from it. Beth is shocked and stumbles back, knocking into garbage cans and alerting them to her presence. She flees and the bearded man pursues her. She's jumpy and accidentally shoots and kills an Asian woman, Maggie Chen, who was approaching the alleyway.

Beth throws up when she realizes what she's done and immediately calls Art. Art comes and helps her concoct a cove story, so that they don't find out she was high on pills -- Art puts Maggie's phone in her hand and instructs Beth to say she saw a gun in Maggie's hand. Later, when the rest of the cops arrive, Beth's boss tells her that she'll have to go with Detective Duko, from the union, who will go with her to Internal Affairs when she gives her statement. The detective is the bearded man she saw with the emergency workers.

Later that night, she goes to M.K.'s place, not knowing where else to go or who she can trust. She asks M.K. what the object pulled out of Aaron's face was but M.K. doesn't know. Beth regrets telling Cosima and Allison about them being clones, information she got from M.K. Beth is overwhelmed, thinking that they will take her badge, and notes that she can't think, so M.K. offers to think for her and puts a hand reassuringly on her arm.

In the present, Art calls Beth in Iceland and wakes her and Kira up in the middle of the night. He is audibly baffled and passes the phone to M.K. M.K. tells Sarah that she knew Beth and warns Sarah that Neolution is coming for Kendall Malone. She tells Sarah that they need to run, right now.

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Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

OK, well, that's cheeky. Cause of death? Have to go with... exploding cigar.

Janis Beckwith

M.K.: Follow the coordinates.
Beth: What?
M.K.: Remember, don't trust anyone next to you.