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Rachel realizes her door has been left unlocked and makes her way upstairs to the beautiful seaside house. She looks through a book, finding a drawing of Leda. She finds Susan, who tells her that the original and the cure have been destroyed.

Sarah struggles with her guilt over Kendall's death as Siobhan angrily grieves and blames Sarah. Sarah leaves and Mrs. S refuses to allow her to take Kira with her.

Cosima suffers from traumatic flashbacks to Kendall's death. Scott tries to cheer her up and assures her that Kendall's death isn't her fault. He decides to power up their machinery again to keep attempting to recover some of their cure research.

Allison breaks down in tears while penning a condolences card to Siobhan. She prays to god for hope. Donnie finds her and comforts her, suggesting they cancel their daughter Gemma's birthday. Allison refuses to cancel angrily.

Rachel tells Susan that she can't capitulate to Evie Cho. Susan lets Rachel in on the secret history of Neolution: to Percy Morland, an industrialist, who was drawn to Darwin and early eugenical thought. He built the facilities downstairs, where Rachel was kept. Rachel insists that they need to keep fighting to find a cure but Susan says Evie has usurped them.

Felix visits Siobhan at the safehouse to comfort her. Siobhan reveals that Sarah has disappeared "like before." Kira appears, knowing Sarah has taken off again on a self-destructive path. Felix assures Kira he will find Sarah and chastises Mrs. S for letting Sarah go off the rails.

Sarah drinks heavily alone at a bar. She sees a hallucination of Beth in the mirror hovering behind her.

Scott and the owner of the comic book shop continue to try to recover data from their computer system but it seems useless. Cosima is frustrated with their attempts. She shows them the bot that was in Sarah's mouth, which she stole from Evie's office.

Mrs. S meets with Art and tells him Cosima's description of the man who killed Kendall. He realizes it is Detective Duko and tells Mrs. S that he was the one who put Beth under Evie's thumb and drove her to attempt to kill Susan. Mrs. S thanks Art for sticking with them.

Evie meets with one of her doctors and reveals that she has a rash from shingles. He congratulates her on having pending approval for the world's first gene implant therapy.

Rachel and Susan have a video call with Evie who informs them that Leda is being dismantled for its assets, the monitor program cancelled. The naive clones are to be cut loose and left alone while Sarah and the self-aware clones are to be terminated. Rachel offers to help with that. Evie turns her down.

Sarah continues binge-drinking heavily as the bar fills up. She encounters Dizzy, who thinks she followed him there. She assures him that she's off the clock. A girl and guy, Elle and Tito, buy Sarah a shot and flirt with her. Dizzy comes along.

Allison prepares the decorations for Gemma's sleepover party. Donnie reveals that he invited Reverend Mike over so Allison can talk to him. Allison gets upset at Donnie for doing that.

Sarah continues to drink and dances with the couple. Peaches performs at the club. Dizzy refuses to dance, watching Sarah from afar instead while drinking.

Allison is short-tempered with Gemma at Gemma's birthday when her daughter is cranky about the cookie selection. Reverend Mike tells Allison that the stage is free for Allison and Sarah Stubbs' musical revue. He tries to pry to get Allison to talk about her issues but she brushes him off.

Sarah leads the couple into a bathroom where they do drugs and have a threeway. Felix arrives, looking for Sarah. He finds Dizzy who admits knowing Sarah but denies having seen her. He promises to tell her that her brother is looking for her.

At the police station, Art corners Duko in a room and beats him. Duko reveals that they are coming for Art himself, aware that he's helped Sarah and abetted the Hendrixes.

Mrs. S cleans her gun in the safehouse.

Rachel watches Charlotte paint. She comes clean to Charlotte, telling Charlotte that she's sick and is dying (as Rachel also will one day) because there is no cure.

Donnie tells the assembled girls at the sleepover birthday party a scary ghost story as Reverend Mike listens in and Allison sneaks away upstairs.

Tito starts a fight with Dizzy, and Sarah attacks him. Dizzy pulls Sarah outside where she continues to be loud and boisterous. He asks where their next drink is coming from and Sarah suggests going to Dizzy's place. At his apartment, he gives Sarah a drug "to take her down a bit." They begin to have sex, but Dizzy continues talking about the clone drama and the bot implants. He confesses that he helped Sarah find MK because his friend Ed Capra had one of the implants and was killed. Sarah tries to get him to stop talking but he continues. He realizes the implant was removed from her mouth and brings it up, mentioning that other people have implants and wanting to know how she got it removed. She gets frustrated and leaves.

In the middle of Donnie's scary story, there's a knock on the door. The police arrive. They swarm in, arresting Donnie on narcotic trafficking charges and terrifying the children. Duko speaks with Allison and gives her his card. He mentions Kendall, shocking Allison.

Mrs. S talks to Kira. Kira asks Mrs. S if it's Sarah's fault that Kendall died and explains that Sarah thinks it is her fault. Kira reports that Sarah's mental state is bad and that Sarah is "following Beth," believing Sarah is not coming back.

Sarah goes to a bridge and hallucinates seeing Beth's bag and shoes left there. She then sees a hallucination of Beth herself.

Back at the lab, Scott and Cosima work on the bot. Cosima brings up the idea of implanting the bot in her own face: since Susan and Evie explained that the bot for Sarah was designed to trigger the gene for the clone illness, it could turn it off in Cosima. Scott tells Cosima that the idea is crazy.

Cosima and Scott go upstairs to eat with Hell Wizard. Cosima goes back downstairs and locks them out, preparing to cut a hole in her mouth and implant the bot in herself.

Sarah speaks with Beth, telling her she wanted to buy a train ticket but didn't have the money. The hallucination of Beth taunts Sarah about her desire for suicide.

Felix wanders around looking for Sarah. Mrs. S calls him and tells him that Kira told her that she was following Beth. Scott also calls Felix and tells him that Cosima is about to do something medically crazy because she blames herself for Kendall's and Delphine's deaths.

Felix hops in a cab and calls Cosima at the same time, as Scott and Hell Wizard bang at the lab door. Cosima answers and Felix explains to her that Krystal saw Delphine get shot but she was taken away alive by someone else. Cosima breaks down and stops the process of implanting the bot in herself. Felix assures her that they'll figure something else out. Felix spots Sarah on the bridge and jumps out, talking her down. She embraces Felix and they leave together.

Sarah returns to the safehouse the next morning, where Mrs. S is cooking eggs for breakfast. She prepares a plate for Sarah. Sarah grabs Siobhan's hand and they sit in silence. Kira, in the other room, plays a game on her computer. MK hacks it and speaks to Kira, greeting her by name and assuring her that she's a friend. She invites Kira to call her Mika.

Rachel wakes up and heads downstairs. She falls and when she opens her eyes, she sees a swan. Ira finds her and helps her up. Ira doesn't see the image. As Rachel looks, the swan flickers like a glitching computer image and disappears.

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