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MK gets ready for her day while simultaneously building bombs, as she reviews the information she has on the Topside higher-ups, while conversing with a picture of another clone whom she calls Niki. MK is intent on finding Ferdinand, who has so far evaded her.

Sarah and Mrs. S bring Ferdinand to their safe house, but don't allow him to see where it is located. They've cleared out Kira and Kendall from the safe house while he is there, still not trusting him. Ferdinand requests Sarah's help to locate Rachel, who has contacted him to let him know that she's being held by her mother, Susan Duncan, in an undisclosed location. Sarah reluctantly agrees to have her source track Rachel after Ferdinand reminds her that Susan Duncan can help Sarah as well, with her bot implant. She does not tell Ferdinand that her source is MK, another clone.

At the same time, back at the secret comic book store lab, Cosima and Scott work on removing the bot that was implanted in Dr. Leekie's corpse and run tests on it to determine what it is and what it does. They realize that the bot has a synthetic core and is apparently releasing some kind of gene therapy -- effectively altering the host's DNA. Cosima informs Sarah of this.

Meanwhile, Mrs. S and Sarah report back to Felix about what is going on with Sarah's bot problem. Felix feels badly that he ignored Sarah's request for help in favor of spending time with his biological sister. Things between Felix and Sarah remain a bit chilly. 

At the Hendrix household, Donnie explains to Helena that Alison is upset because she is essentially jealous that Helena can conceive naturally and that she cannot. Helena registers this and sneaks away, leaving the house while everyone is gone, after burying the container holding her remaining embryos in the Hendrix backyard.

Alison grabs coffee with her friend Sarah Stubbs, where they discuss putting on their own community musical. Once Sarah leaves, Alison is accosted by Trina, the formerly pregnant Neolutionst whose boyfriend went missing. Trina mistakes Alison for Beth and denounces her for continuing to look into the Lifespring fertility clinic after Trina told Beth she was a "carrier." As Trina leaves, Alison snaps a picture. She reports back to Sarah what happened. Felix recognizes Trina as the same girl that he and Sarah were tracking when they last went to Club Neolution. Sarah testily orders Alison to "pull her own weight" by digging into the fertility clinic that Trina mentioned.

Alison does a lot of research on Lifespring and sends Donnie and Felix in to pose as a gay couple looking to conceive a child, so that they can gather information on the clinic. With phone sex help from Alison, Donnie is able to masturbate to give the nurse the sperm sample she requested. Donnie also informs Alison that he spotted one of their friends, who previously couldn't conceive, heavily pregnant at the same clinic.

Alison arranges to bump into that friend, Portia Grossman, and cries in her arms about her inability to conceive, in an attempt to get the information that she needs from Portia about the clinic's reproductive technology. Portia finally cracks and tells Alison to ask for Dr. Bosch and the "Brightborn treatment" at Lifespring. When Donnie and Felix meet with Dr. Bosch, he is first leery when they bring up Brightborn, but then has the nurse give them promotional materials on it.

Sarah convinces Dizzy to help her get in touch with MK. Sarah meets with MK over a computer at Dizzy's apartment, convincing MK to look into Susan Duncan's whereabouts so that Susan can help Sarah get the bot out. Sarah refuses to tell MK who was contacted by Rachel.

MK agrees to look into Susan's whereabouts, tracing her and arranging to meet Sarah at Beth's apartment an hour later. While looking into Susan's whereabouts, MK realizes that the Ferdinand she is looking for is Sarah's source. Instead of meeting Sarah at Beth's place, she stands her up and calls her, telling Sarah that they are finished and that she can't trust Sarah now, knowing who she is working with.

Sarah once again goes to Dizzy to seek his help tracking down MK and forcing the information about Susan's whereabouts out of her. In exchange, Dizzy demands the truth -- Sarah admits that they are all clones. Dizzy tracks MK to a junkyard and they break into MK's trailer (after Dizzy recognizes that MK has the place rigged to blow and stops Sarah from getting killed). Going through MK's things, Sarah realizes that MK was a victim of the Topside Helsinki mission and that MK is tracking Sarah herself as well.

MK lures Ferdinand out, sending Mrs. S a text posing as Sarah and asking Ferdinand to meet "Sarah" at Beth's. Once there, MK reveals herself, trapping Ferdinand with a bomb strapped beneath his chair and showing him a slideshow while angrily explaining that her only friend (and fellow clone) Niki was killed by Topside during Helsinki and that she herself was scarred by it. Sarah, at the same time, realizes that MK is luring Ferdinand out after speaking to Mrs. S. She runs to meet MK at the apartment and intervenes, convincing MK not to kill Ferdinand. Instead of killing him, MK forces him to transfer all of the $3.7 million that he's siphoned away into her own account.

Ferdinand angrily vows to find MK and finish her off. Sarah is upset with MK for using her, trying to implore MK to stick around and help her and their sisters who are still alive. MK warns Sarah to leave as well and then goes. Mrs. S later arrives and deactivates the bomb, allowing Ferdinand to walk away alive.

Hidden away, Susan Duncan offers Rachel a choice -- whether to move forward with treating Charlotte for the genetic disease, or to allow Charlotte to deteriorate and use her as research to help cure the other clones. In the end, Rachel chooses the latter option, to not intervene in the progression of Charlotte's disease. Soon after, Susan reveals that she is going away again and that she knows Rachel is sneaking messages out to Ferdinand. She agrees not to treat Charlotte and tells Rachel that she was right to think of the future.

Felix and Cosima watch the Brightborn promotional material. Cosima recognizes Evie Cho, CEO and Founder of the Brightborn Group (a woman who also worked with Dr. Leekie). They realize that this mainstream reproductive technology is a whole new side to Neolution.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Sarah: And what is it you want?
Mrs. S: What he wants is to rescue Rachel.
Ferdinand: What can I say? She pierced this armored heart.

Look, Nikki. Another puzzle piece. See, Nikki, we're getting closer? Never forget.