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We see a flashback to Delphine's shooting, witnessed by Krystal Goderitch. Delphine is shot by Detective Duko, who hesitates when he hears Krystal's ringtone instead of finishing Delphine off. A van full of men, including Evie Cho's Dr. Van Lier, drive up and take a wounded Delphine into their van. Krystal runs away. Rachel is saved by a group including the bearded man that Rachel has been seeing thanks to her glitching bionic eye.

Cosima and Susan successfully find a cure using the blastocyst they created. Cosima video chats Sarah and Mrs. S to tell them. Midway through the call, they get cut off and Cosima is kicked off of the database.

Krystal, getting brunch with a friend, sees Evie Cho on the news. She also sees Dr. Van Lier, who has stepped in as interim CEO. She recognizes him as the one who took Delphine and calls Felix. They arrange to meet, so she can give him the intel and he can tell her what is really going on.

Sarah calls Rachel to ask what is going on with Susan and Cosima. Rachel feigns innocence. Ira prepares to get a helicopter to take him and Rachel back to Susan on the island. Felix tells Sarah and Mrs. S that Krystal knows something about Dr. Van Lier and that there is a connection between Dr. Van Lier and Delphine.

Ferdinand shows up at Rachel's hotel room.

Evie meets with the board. They attempt to convince her to sign her technology away. She refuses angrily. Van Lier sneaks up on her and activates her bot implant, killing her.

Mrs. S calls Helena, who is hiding out in the woods with Donnie and Allison, and tells them what is going on but that Sarah has it under control. She tells Helena to stand down for now.

Ferdinand tries to have sex with Rachel but she informs him that she doesn't feel much of anything anymore after her injury. He gets upset and insults her. Rachel slaps him and they proceed to have rough sex, with Rachel dominating him.

Krystal arrives at the comic book shop to meet with Felix. He and Art introduce her to Sarah. Krystal doesn't believe that Sarah is her clone, unable to see a resemblance between the two of them. She remains convinced that this is a war between two cosmetics companies, Neolution and Estee Lauder. She tells the group that Dr. Van Lier was the one who rescued Delphine.

Rachel ties Ferdinand up and begins to choke him with her cane, talking about controlling evolution and trying to get him to convert to Neolution. Ira barges in and interrupts them, saying that Susan is excited and about to call with big news.

Susan calls and tells Rachel and Ira that they can use the blastocyst to restart human cloning. Susan is confident that the board will back them, now that Evie has been deposed. She plans to appear before the board the next day. Cosima overhears the call and angrily confronts Susan, blasting her desire to continue her cloning experiments. Susan locks Cosima in the room and leaves, to prevent Cosima from interfering.

Rachel prepares for the board meeting by calling Dr. Van Lier. She has Ferdinand tie Ira up on the bed to prevent him from interfering.

Dr. Van Lier leaves the building and is accosted by reporters who question him. Krystal approaches him and brings up Neolution and Delphine, sending the reporters into a frenzy. Dr. Van Lier agrees to meet her privately around the corner. Siobhan grabs him at gunpoint and shows him into a truck, where Krystal reveals that she's actually Sarah in disguise (Krystal is back at the comic book shop in Sarah's clothes being distracted by Scott and Hell Wizard). Van Lier reveals that he does not answer to Evie or Susan and that Susan wants the science to restart human cloning. He reveals that Rachel has reconvened the board.

Felix and Art go to the hotel to find Rachel and find Ira tied up instead. They question him about Rachel's whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Rachel speaks before the board, explaining that they'll operate in countries where cloning is not illegal so that they can do whatever they want to the clones. In the car with Van Lier, Sarah and Siobhan realize that Rachel wants to combine the technologies, implanting Evie's bot technology in clones.

Sarah returns to Felix's loft where they're holding Ira. She explains what Rachel is up to and convinces him to call for the helicopter so they can intercept Rachel at the island before she retrieves the blastocyst Susan and Cosima worked on.

Sarah says goodbye to Kira and leaves Ira behind with Mrs. S, as collateral. She goes to the island.

Rachel returns to the house on the island. She sees the bearded stranger from her visions. He tells her that Susan is in the kitchen and warns her not to waver. He leaves and Rachel confronts Susan. Meanwhile, Charlotte lets Cosima out from the room and tells her that Susan instructed them to get to the boat off the island before Rachel finds them. Cosima goes to retrieve the science she and Susan worked on before they leave.

Susan tells Rachel that she regrets making her and that she won't allow Rachel to move forward with her plans. Rachel has another flash of the decapitated swan head and stabs Susan. Cosima and Charlotte see and run out of the house together, but get lost on the way to the boat and an ill Cosima leads them under a tree to rest in the frigid cold.

Sarah lands on the island and finds a bleeding Susan in the house, trying to stitch herself up. She tells Sarah that Rachel has taken the cure research and Cosima wasn't treated. Rachel suddenly appears and brutally attacks Sarah, beating her with the cane and stabbing her in the leg. Susan pulls a gun on Rachel, allowing Sarah time to escape, but is unable to kill Rachel.

The bearded man who appeared to Rachel finds Cosima and Charlotte in the woods  and brings them back to his camp, where Delphine rushes to and embraces a hypothermic Cosima, rushing her inside and trying to help save her. She dismisses the other doctors and climbs in bed with Cosima to bring her body temperature up. Cosima kisses her.

Rachel bandages Susan up and tells her that she was led to do this, by the bearded messenger from the visions from her eye. Susan realizes who it is that was communicating with Rachel and influencing her -- P. T. Westmoreland, a man over a century old.

The bearded man tells Delphine that she won't be allowed to stay with Cosima. After he leaves, Delphine warns Cosima that they need to be careful because it's not safe. She agrees to inject Cosima with the gene therapy cure but warns her that they cannot tell anyone. Cosima agrees.

A bleeding and injured Sarah drags herself to the beach. She calls Mrs. S, seeking help, but Ferdinand grabs the phone away from Siobhan -- he is holding S and Kira at gunpoint.

Rachel cleans off the bloody knife and video calls Ian to tell him that it is done. He tells her that Mr. Westmoreland will see her now. They disconnect and the doorbell rings. Rachel smiles.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I think we have two factions of Neos with competing technologies, bots versus clones. And if we are not careful we are gonna get screwed again.

Mrs. S

But I am, like, sick of being yanked around by my brain at this point -- chain at this point.