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Sarah ends up prisoner at Castor headquarters with Helena, and Rudy delivers the original DNA to Dr. Coady.

Helena starts to believe the lies that Sarah traded her to Castor. 

Gracie leaves the Proletheans and goes to Detective Bell for help. She tells him she lost the baby, and he takes her to Felix and Mrs. S. 

On a blind date, Cosima is surprised to learn that she actually has amazing chemistry with her new potential girlfriend. 

Dr. Coady takes blood from Sara, hoping to use her DNA to help solve the Castor puzzle. They fix up Mark's gunshot wounds, and Dr. Coady debriefs him about his time with the Proletheans. He lies and pretends like he never intended to leave his life with Castor. 

Paul tries to bargain with Coady to let Sarah go, but she only promises not to hurt her. 

Finally free of her parents, Gracie decides to indulge in some teenage rebellion, so Felix and S organize a drunken dance party to keep her out of the bars.

Sarah and Helena work together to escape from their cells, but Helena leaves Sarah behind. 

Gracie collapses in pain, prompting Felix to call the paramedics. When they check her, they notice her eyes have gone bloodshot. Bell meets with the girl Rudy and Seth attacked, and she has the same condition.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

You, baby Jesus. Come upstairs with me.


The military is just another family, Sarah.