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Rachel wakes up in a mysterious room with a new prosthetic eye.

At an abandoned warehouse set up by Art, Scott prepares to do tests on Kendall's DNA. Sarah and Felix prepare for both Topside and Castor to come after them for the originals DNA sequence.

Rudy suffers symptoms of the defect, and he plans to go after Alison to get Sarah to reveal herself.

Donnie brings Jesse -- Helena's old flame -- to the house to keep her company for the day. Helena fills him in on where she's been, but a call from Felix interrupts their reunion. 

Cosima apologizes to Shay for Delphine's threats, but when Cosima won't open up about her life, Shay breaks up with her.

Delphine meets with Ferdinand, and Sarah gives him an deal. She'll hand over DNA samples from Kendall if Topside eliminates Castor. 

Cosima meets Kendall, and they establish a rapport. 

Felix and Sarah find Mark and Gracie, and Mark agrees to help them make a move against Coady. 

At Dyad, Crystal wakes up and Delphine realizes that Rachel has escaped and the Neolutionists have her.

Alison and Sarah set a trap for Rudy, luring him in when he thinks Alison is alone. Helena is waiting for him though, and they begin their long awaited death match.

Mark contacts Dr. Coady pretending to be Rudy. He sends her the location of the original Castor DNA, where Ferdinand and his team are waiting for her. 

Kendall reveals that she pointed Duncan towards Siobhan when he needed to go on the run, and in return he made sure the "lost clone," Sarah, made her way to Siobhan. 

After Delphine calls Sarah about Neolutionists, and she tells Ferdinand. He attacks his bodyguard who turns out to be a Neolutionist. Ferdinand tells them to hide Kendall, since her DNA will no doubt end up in Neolutionist hands if they hand it over to Topside.

Alison wins her election, and the clones all celebrate with a dinner.

Delphine apologizes to Shay and Cosima, and Cosima forgives her for all the hard choices she had to make. They kiss. When Delphine returns home, she is shot in her parking garage.

Rachel meets Charlotte, a young clone, who reveals that Susan Duncan is the one keeping her prisoner. 

Sarah travels to Iceland to reunite with Kira, taking Kendall with her to hide her.

Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Cosima: You know your clones, we call each other sister.
Kendall: Call yourselves what you want, you're just a bad copy of me.
Cosima: We're kind of over the whole bad copy thing. It's way more accurate for us to call you older sister.

You always think that I can't handle the tough stuff, but you know what? This time, Sarah, follow my lead.