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Near the Mexican border, Helena and Sarah wait for Mrs. S to show up and take them back home. Helena swears to kill Mrs. S for her betrayal. 

Alison and Donnie prepare to buy her mother's store as a front for their drug business.

Delphine shows up at Shay's apartment under the pretense of worrying for Cosima, but Cosima suspects she just wanted a look at her new girlfriend. Delphine demands she pee in a cup for more research.

Felix helps out with Alison's campaign, but she leaves to go take care of her mother.

Donnie and Jason make a major drug deal, but Donnie accidentally gives them Allison's campaign materials instead of the cash he promised. 

Helena and Mrs. S exchange blows, but Mrs. S manages to soothe her eventually.

Alison nearly misses her photo op because her mother won't give up her store. When Cosima shows up at the school hoping to switch her pee with Allison's, she is mistaken for Allison. Felix gets her camera ready so she can stand in for her missing clone sister.

At Dyad, Scott and Rachel arrange a secret meeting to talk about Duncan's symbols and the code in the book.

Jason arrives at the school to get the correct envelop, but Alison is juggling Cosima and her mother.

Alison is busy giving the drug money over, so Cosima steps in to give her speech for her. She ends up introducing her mother to Cosima as her clone.

Rachel decodes Duncan's book, but she'll only tell Sarah.

At the same time, Cosima's illness gets suddenly worse.


Orphan Black
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Orphan Black Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

We're going to dismantle that bitch.


I'm not going to fight you, Helena. You're pregnant.

Mrs. S