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Julian is down in the dumps about his mistake.  Brooke tries to help him out of it, but when Tara leaves him a note about frying his babies, Julian loses it.  He picks a fight at the bar and gets the snot beat out of him.  Brooke dismantles everything at Tara's Tree Hill Cafe.


Chuck's dad is coming home and he wants Chris Keller to come meet him.  Chris Keller says he will but then he bails on Chuck.  Of course Chase is there for Chuck.  When Chuck's dad gets in, he dismisses Chase as some babysitter and sends him home.


Nathan is still missing.  Haley tries to find him, but finds Dan's stash of money instead.  She blames Dan for doing something to Nathan, but he says he had nothing to do with it.  She doesn't believe him and calls 911 from her locked bedroom.


Clay continues to get help with his problem, but has difficulty accepting his disorder.  Quinn babysits Jamie and Lydia while Haley looks for Nathan.

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Hi Brian, awesome video esasmge, thanks for sharing. Impossible is really a nonsense word. If it ever applies, it's always relative and never absolute. However, how often is it used in an absolute way ? Plenty of gems here in your video, for example about burning bridges and burning desire. To me, desire is an equivalent to life itself. Low level of desire, low level of life. No desire = death ? Persistence isn't sexy, but it creates sexy results ! Take care Oliver


I think that Nathan was Kidnapped for ransom and is being held hostage.
His known in Tree Hill as a basketball figure and known to be rich etc. I think Dan will try to find him with Chris Kellers and Julians Help. I hate Tara! Shes there to cause troubble and Chase is an idiot for being with such a ho-bag, especially that she is causing problems and playing dirty to his friends Haley + Brook. I also think that the guy who attacked Brook in season 6, will come back for revenge.

One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

I know your type. I used to be a bit of a bitch just for the sake of being one, but now I am a bitch for the sake of my friends and family. You do not want to test that!


Chuck Scolnik has never been more disappointed in you.


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Amy kuney where i cant follow Where I Can't Follow Amy Kuney iTunes
Ambassadors litost Litost Ambassadors iTunes
Song I Can See The Light Right the Stars