One Life To Live Season 46

"October 26, 2009"

Nick brings Kyle a tuxedo for him to wear when they get married. Nick asks him to be honest and "say the word" if he doesn't want to go through with this. ...

"May 20, 2009"

Viki, Clint and Charlie refuse to believe Natalie and Jared's claims about Chloe and Jessica. Jessica remembers "Bess" driving the night...

"November 2, 2009"

Nigel gets Rachel to reveal that her first date with Shaun is also his last date. Shaun is hurt and asks if this is because of his brother. Vivian removes ...

"November 3, 2009"

Langston's not happy when Markko admits he would vote for Viki. She hints that she might end their relationship if he does.Afterward, Markko laughs to Lang...

"November 4, 2009"

The headmistress advises Tea and Elijah that Dani's father was kicked out of the school. She promises Tea that her daughter will be kept safe. On the phone...

"May 15, 2008"

, Today on , Dorian thinks fast to prevent an enthusiastic Roxy from messing with Adriana's hairdo on her wedding day. David triumphant...

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