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PART ONE: Hoping to cheer Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) up, Marcie brings Tommy over to the jail to say goodnight to his "aunt." Meanwhile, John regretfully informs Michael that nothing can change the inevitable. Blair explains to an astonished Starr how her dad wound up in jail again. Hearing Marcie's voice nearby, Todd shouts that he wants to see his son.

PART TWO: Nora gently advises Bo to prepare himself for Lindsay's conviction. Returning home with Cole (Brandon Buddy), Marty thanks her son for removing all traces of her misbegotten marriage to Miles. Starr rails at her mom for getting Todd arrested but Blair assures her the situation is only temporary.

Later, Blair reveals to Starr that her baby brother is alive.

PART THREE: Lindsay breathes a sigh of relief after the guard turns Marcie away. Rex and Adriana look forward to moving in together. An agitated Michael reminds his brother that he and Marcie will never get over losing their son. Cole quizzes Marty about her feelings for John. Marcie decides to stay for Lindsay's arraignment.

Rex has a nightmare about being trapped by his new lifestyle. Todd manages to overpower his guard, then marches into the courtroom to loudly claim Tommy

One Life To Live
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