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Part I

Cristian (David Fumero) assures Sarah she's doing fine on her first night at Capricorn.

Determined to stop Todd (Trevor St. John) from reclaiming his son, John hastily places him under arrest. Rex and Adriana meet up for drinks with Shaun, Layla and Vincent. Later, Sarah is hurt to overhear Cris admitting to his customers how eager he is to have her out of his hair.

Part II

Marcie again complains to Michael about the way his brother and Nora have teamed up to railroad Lindsay. Jessica reminds Nash how happy she is to be back in his arms. Cris tries to apologize to Sarah, who icily informs him she'll be out of his life soon enough. John appeals to Blair to help him keep Todd in custody to prevent him from destroying Marcie's life.

Sarah attempts to coax Rex into letting her rent his old loft.

Part III

To Todd's disgust, Blair verifies that she witnessed his attack on Miles. Afterwards, John locks his irate prisoner into a jail cell for the night. Rex puts Jared on notice about his unusual run of luck at Roxy's poker game. Todd bitterly rejects Blair's explanations and warns her she'll bear the blame if his son vanishes forever with the McBains.

One Life To Live
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