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Part I

Todd (Trevor St. John) scoffs at Blair's story after she admits that her startling information came from Miles. Nora tells a grateful Sarah how much Asa loved her. Michael cautions a bristling Marcie that teaming with Todd to go up against John will only make matters worse. Dorian comes to Lindsay's jail cell to return the Woman of the Year trophy.

Part II

Blair (Kassie DePaiva) convinces Todd to read the letter Spencer left behind for his protege. Stunned to see that his son has been in Llanview for months, Todd furiously demands to know how long John has known the truth. Nora informs Clint they already have enough evidence to convict Lindsay. Marcie reminds her husband, Rex and Adriana how John is railroading an innocent woman in order to protect Marty.

Part III

Nash attempts to sidestep Jessica's questions about the vineyard but she finally forces him to come clean. Dorian assures Lindsay that Spencer's killer deserves a medal instead of a prison sentence. Sarah catches a glimpse of Jared's cell phone and realizes he has a photo of her cousin Jessica (Bree Williamson).

Desperate to prevent Tommy's real father from rushing off to claim the boy, John pulls his gun on Todd.

Part IV

After Nash sheepishly confesses to gambling away his last cent, Jessica tells her husband she understands and is proud of him anyway. John insists that he be allowed to break the bad news to his sister-in-law. Meanwhile, Marcie and the others make a video for Lindsay so she'll know how much support she has from her friends.

One Life To Live
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