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Episode Guide Part One
Flustered to see her son sporting a "Free Lindsay" t-shirt, Nora insists that Matthew change his clothes at once. Blair (Kassie DePaiva) icily reminds Adriana that she's either with the Cramer women or against them. Lindsay is touched when Bo brings Will to the jail to visit his incarcerated mother. At the courthouse, Todd convinces the judge to let him speak on his own behalf.

Episode Guide Part Two

Roxy and Rex watch warily from across the room at Rodi's as Dorian, Blair, Starr and Adriana bicker among themselves. R.J. asks Nora to cut Lindsay some slack when she prosecutes her case. Clinging to Will, a tearful Lindsay tells her son how much she's missed him. Under oath, Todd admits that he tried to kill Margaret but explains in vivid detail how the crazed woman tortured him for months while holding him prisoner.

Episode Guide Part Three
Rex bolsters Roxy's morale when she sadly bemoans the fact that she was such a lousy mother. Bo invites Matthew to go down to Asa's ranch with him for a few days. Judy again reminds the judge why he cannot allow a convicted rapist to gain custody of Tommy. Marty keeps John company as he waits for word from Michael (Nathaniel Marston) on the outcome of the hearing. Adriana confesses to her mother that she knew about Todd's baby all along.

Nora happily greets Will but is taken aback when he urges her to drop the charges against his mom. Dorian warns her daughter and Rex never to reveal their secret to Blair or Todd.

One Life To Live
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