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PART I: Starr and Blair come to the penthouse to offer Todd their moral support as he prepares for the custody hearing. Talia returns from New York City in a somber mood. Natalie is rattled to wake up next to a naked Jared in his motel room. Rex promises Marcie and Michael he's collected enough hard evidence to prove that Todd is a monster. Markko and Langston continue to grow closer.

Talia confides to Bo how difficult it was to be back at Ground Zero on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

PART II: Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) commends Cristian for the fine job he's done managing Capricorn. Jessica asks Nash if he truly feels comfortable being in business with a man who seems so untrustworthy. Jared reassures a relieved Natalie that nothing sexual transpired between them during their night of heavy drinking. Though Rex cautions that Todd could lose custody of his other two children as well, Marcie insists on going forward with their plan. Meanwhile, Todd (Trevor St. John) is pleased as Starr declares that she's one hundred percent behind his effort to reclaim Tommy. Natalie sheepishly admits to an appalled Jessica how she spent the night with Jared.

Nash has an uneasy encounter with Antonio and Cris in the steam room. Bo encourages Talia to remember how many people she did manage to save, not the ones she couldn't reach in time.

One Life To Live
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