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Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) invites Talia and Shaun to join him at his ringside table to listen to Timbaland's performance. Dorian tells a rattled Langston she knows the truth about the girl's parents. At the courthouse, Marcie and Michael are devastated when the judge awards custody of Tommy to the child's biological father. Across the aisle, a jubilant Todd celebrates the news with Blair. Nash prods a reluctant Jessica to accompany him to Capricorn for the Timbaland concert.

Trying to reach out to the teen, Dorian gently explains how she learned that Langston's mom and dad were killed in an auto accident in Asia more than 18 months ago. The McBains are ordered to turn Tommy over to his dad in an hour. Later, Todd is startled to hear Marcie raging at Michael.

Langston weeps on a sympathetic Dorian's shoulder. Todd triumphantly reminds John how his brother will pay for perjuring himself on the witness stand. As they return home, Marcie (Kathy Brier) icily informs Michael she regrets marrying him. Later, Michael says a sad goodbye to Tommy. Cristian congratulates a beaming Sarah on a job well done after Timbaland rocks the house. Blair reports to Starr that her little brother will be home soon. Todd and a police escort arrive at the McBains' apartment to pick up Tommy, only to discover that Marcie has fled with the boy in tow.

One Life To Live
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