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While Sarah excitedly prepares for Timbaland's appearance at Capricorn, a skeptical Cris again accuses her of lying through her teeth. Marty asks John where their relationship is heading.

Episode Recap, 10/5

After reading the letter Rex stole from Langston's house, Dorian (Robin Strasser) bristles to think that the girl's neglectful parents are slated to receive a "hero" award for their charitable work.

At St. Ann's, Lindsay (Catherine Hickland) tells a stunned Marcie how she heard Rex and Michael discussing Tommy's true paternity way back in January. Meanwhile, Michael angrily orders Todd to hand back his son after finding him cuddling Tommy in the hospital's waiting room.

Marty shyly admits to John that she hasn't been with a man since her husband died. Lindsay begs Marcie to believe that she acted in her best interest. Michael and Todd face off until Blair intervenes to keep the men from coming to blows.

Starr tells a puzzled Markko she's never actually met Langston's mom and dad in all the time they've been best friends. Apologizing for doubting her, Cristian offers Sarah a formal contract to become the club's talent booker. An enraged Marcie confronts her husband with his lies.


After Michael confesses he's known for months about Todd's (Trevor St. John) connection to Tommy, Marcie bitterly vows that she will never forgive him if they lose custody of their son. Dorian decides to phone the president of the World Rescue Fund to complain about the upcoming award recipients.

One Life To Live
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