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PART ONE: Sarah accuses Cris of being jealous that she kissed Jared. Meanwhile, at the vineyard, Jessica and Nash set out to make life as miserable for Jared as possible. Todd tells Blair he's teaming up with John to go search for Marcie. Across town, Michael (Nathaniel Marston) explains to Roxy why he and his brother are hitting the road with Todd. Natalie whines to Miles about Jared coming on to her cousin right in front of her. Marty frets about John's plan to track Marcie down before Lee finds her first.

PART TWO: Miles suggests to a bristling Natalie that she's upset about Jared kissing Sarah because she has feelings for the man herself. Jared warns Nash and Jessica that their painfully obvious ploy won't succeed in driving him out of the house. Blair and Todd share a lingering farewell kiss. Roxy wishes Michael good luck with his quest. Surprised to learn that Miles is going to perform community service alongside Roxy (Ilene Kirsten), Natalie cautions her friend to keep his guard up at all times. John pulls Marty (Christina Chambers) into a passionate clinch before he departs. Later, John watches as Michael is arrested for perjury.

One Life To Live
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