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PART ONE: Cole is menaced in his own living room by the figure in the Death mask. At rehab, David is intrigued to think that Alex is now a wealthy divorcee suffering from a sex addiction. Marcie accompanies Wendell in his tow truck as he answers a call for roadside assistance. Flustered by Charlie's invite, Viki turns down his request for a date. Roxy suggests to a gloomy Michael that Marcie may never be found. Marcie recognizes John (Michael Easton), Todd and the others standing by their stalled vehicle. Alex continues to tempt a drooling David.

PART TWO: Viki reminds Charlie how little they know about one another and insists she'd like to keep it that way. Michael thanks Roxy (Ilene Kristen) for standing by him and his family through thick and thin. The masked intruder forces Cole to lie to Starr when she calls to ask why he's so late. Gigi pushes Viki to change her tune and go out with her favorite customer. Wendell covers for "Penny" as she hides in a nearby drainage pipe. Alex tells David why she could never give herself or her massive sums of money to another man unless they were married. Later, David hastens to pop the question. Todd, John, Blair and Marty wind up sharing a motel room.

One Life To Live
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