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PART I: David wonders why Marcie looks so familiar. Todd offers to help his daughter set up Cole on a site dedicated to finding missing children. In Ireland, John and Ramsey spot Marty and her son being shoved into a van by Simon and his henchmen. Charlie comes to the vineyard in search of Jared. In a southern accent, Marcie (Kathy Brier) tries to convince David that he couldn't possibly know her. Nash (Forbes March) warns Charlie that being at all associated with Jared carries some risk. Natalie wonders if her new flame is about to kiss her off. Meanwhile, Nigel tells Bo and Clint that their long-lost brother is none other than Jared Banks.

PART II: Overpowered by the terrorists, John attempts to negotiate for the hostages' release by promising to give Simon a microchip. Todd phones Viki, stunned to learn about Marcie taking Tommy on the lam. Jared feigns shock as Clint and Bo reveal the content of Asa's letter. Then Viki encourages her brother not to lose hope. David has a brainstorm, hearing that Todd is offering a $1 million reward for the safe return of his son. Nigel watches silently as Jared pretends to be floored by the knowledge that he's fallen for his own "niece."

One Life To Live
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