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One Life to Live begins with Talia pulling Antonio into a kiss.

She admits how long she's had a crush on him and confesses that the whole situation with Shaun was a sham. Startled to recognize the waitress, David tells "Niki" the jig is up. Cristian and Sarah share a passionate embrace but she finally pulls back.

Talia shyly asks Antonio (Kamar de los Reyes) if there's a chance he could ever return her feelings. Nursing her ankle, Dorian tells Charlie she was run down by a blonde. Noelle hits David with a frying pan as he threatens to drag "Niki" back to Pennsylvania.

Sarah explains to Cris why she fears he may still be carrying a torch for Evangeline. Antonio tries to let Talia down gently but she's really sad when it becomes clear he thinks of her as a friend and colleague.

As David comes to, Viki convinces him she's not Niki Smith and reveals why she's been working at a truck stop for months. Dorian then invites Charlie to come with her to Llanview to find the person he's been seeking.

David confides he's flat broke yet again. Viki suggests he check into the Bon Suites for the night. Cris and Antonio commiserate about their love lives. Layla plays agony aunt for both Sarah and Talia.

One Life To Live
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