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PART I: As another week begins on One Life to Live, Natalie and Jared fall into a passionate kiss. Out in the stables, Dorian gapes to see Nora and Clint in a liplock but tiptoes away without making her presence known. Nigel nervously attempts to convince Alex that she's mistaken about David's alleged ties to the Buchanan clan. Blair and Todd arrive in Paris, Texas, and unknowingly check into a room at the Bon Suites right across from Marcie's. Charlie encourages Viki to tell him all about the family she left behind. Gigi drops by to check on "Sally Ann," who admits she's short on cash. Clint and Nora don't want to ruin their friendship.

PART II: Claiming he no longer has vested interests, Jared tells Natalie how much he wants her. Alex explains to Nigel how she happened to overhear his conversation with Max following Asa's funeral. A fuming Dorian gripes to David about Nora setting a tender trap for Clint all along. Viki invites a pleased Charlie to join her for the staff's Thanksgiving dinner. David consoles Dorian as she bemoans Clint's betrayal. Nigel tells Alex that Asa didn't leave a penny to any of his blood relatives. Todd begins knocking on doors in the motel in hopes of finding someone who recognizes Marcie's photo. Natalie and Jared grow closer.

One Life To Live
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