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Part 1: David looks forward to spending his newfound fortune. Rex and Adriana explain to Bo and Talia why they suspect Tate is part of OPP. Meanwhile, Layla is rattled to find Tate in her apartment. At the cheap motel, Blair tries to bring Todd around while Kandi claims she and her intoxicated pal were partying all the way from Chicago to Llanview. Vincent sets up a romantic dinner for two on the roof of the Palace Hotel in anticipation of an important night with Layla.

Part 2: Viki brings David a new computer as her way of thanking him for saving Jessica's life. Questioned by John, Kandi insists she's never met Miles. Bo agrees to reopen the arson case in light of new evidence. Shaun teases Vincent about his decision to get exclusive with Layla. Smashing David's new laptop, Clint angrily informs Viki how her "friend" extorted ten million dollars from him before he would donate part of his liver to Jessica. Vincent gives his loyal bodyguard the night off. Tate advises Layla to watch her back around her boyfriend. Bo instructs Rex not to leave Adriana's side.

Part 3: Shocked by Clint's revelation, Viki tells an unhappy David they can never be friends again. Adriana discovers that the OPP medallion is missing from her trash can. Michael is shaken when Todd arrives in the ER. Tate attacks Vincent with a baseball bat.

One Life To Live
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