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Part 1: Adriana confronts Tate with the OPP medallion she found in his backpack. Sarah tells Viki and Clint how Hunter was paid off to get Todd out of the picture... permanently. Meanwhile, Todd begs Dorian for help but Hunter terminates the call by knocking his prey unconscious. At the precinct house, Starr reels to hear Cole admit how he knew that Miles was holding her dad hostage. Tate accuses Adriana of snooping through his things, then claims that the medallion belonged to his late father. Dorian is sorely tempted to keep mum about the call from Todd so that Blair will stop pining for him and move on with her life.

Part 2: Though Sarah denies she's in any danger, Rex and Cris explain to Viki why they believe a vengeful Hunter might come after the girl. Adriana begins to see Tate in a new and highly unattractive light. Dorian finally tells Blair and the others about her conversation with Todd. Sarah insists on staying with Cris if she's forced to remain in Llanview.

Part 3: With "Spencer" whispering in his ear, Miles issues new instructions to Hunter. Blair and John set off together to search for Todd. Adriana admits to Rex that he may have been right about Tate all along. Marty coldly informs Miles she's filing for an annulment.

One Life To Live
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