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Bo thanks Paige for saving his niece's life. John warns a skeptical Natalie that her new "friend" is up to no good. Meanwhile, Miles panics to find Todd missing. Cole tells his flustered mother he knows she killed Spencer and was subsequently blackmailed into marriage. Langston admits to an amused Starr how well she and Markko are getting along. Jessica confides to Nash how frightened she is to leave the hospital for fear that she'll reject her new liver a second time.

Clint and Dorian discuss the pros and cons of disclosing the truth about David to an unsuspecting Viki. Starr tells Langston how pathetic Britney was to invent stories about Cole lying to her. Across town, Britney and her posse contemplate the best time to drop a bombshell on Starr. Dorian advises Clint to open his ex-wife's eyes to reality before David hurts her.

Horrified to learn how Cole became an unwitting party to Todd's kidnapping, Marty realizes the time has come to go to the authorities. Out of Jessica's earshot, Paige explains to a worried Nash why she can't reassure Jessica that her second transplant will take. Hunter and Miles begin tracking Todd.

One Life To Live
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