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PART ONE: Declaring her love, Roxy throws herself at Miles and kisses him. At the bus station, Antonio pulls Talia into an embrace. Starr tries her best to give Cole a fun evening but he finds it impossible to get into a fun mood. Cristian announces to Sarah that he wanted to start the new year off right ... with her. After Rex says how he knew Gigi in high school, Adriana suggests he may not be ready for marriage.

PART TWO: Roxy tells Miles how much he means to her, then is deflated when he tells her he thinks of her as a friend. Nora and Clint enjoy spending a quiet New Year's Eve at home. Antonio urges Talia to believe that they could have a future. All too well aware of Cole's plight, Langston lends a sympathetic shoulder. Sarah asks Cris if he's really over Evangeline. After Cole leaves, Langston advises Starr to give her grieving boyfriend some space. Clint and Nora's platonic hug at midnight turns into yet another kiss.

One Life To Live
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