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As One Life to Live gets underway on this Thursday, Todd surprises Blair, Starr and Jack with an early Christmas celebration as he prepares to leave town to search for his missing son.

He decides to name his son Sam in memory of Sam Rappaport. Blair (Kassie DePaiva) is quite pleasantly surprised when Todd pulls her into a kiss before he leaves.

Rex is on a mission to track down Marcie in Paris, Texas. Anxious to get back on the road and needing money, Marcie decides she has no choice but to sell her engagement ring and asks Gigi to help her do it.

Bo and Matthew drop in on Lindsay and find RJ there.

Bo tells Lindsay that she will have to appear in court after the holidays. Nora warmly tells Cole that he'll be moving in with her and Matthew as Marty had requested in her will.

One Life To Live
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