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As One Life to Live commences, John tries to convince Cole to let him take the blame for shooting Miles but Cole insists on talking to Miles before agreeing to anything. Miles gets through to Cole (Brandon Buddy), who reluctantly agrees to keep quiet about the shooting and later thanks John.

Roxy tries to tell Miles how she feels about him but when she finally does, she discovers that he's already fallen asleep. Natalie is disgusted when Jared kisses her. Jared obviously wants to tell Natalie that he's not really her uncle, but can't risk giving up his master plan.

Bo puts Jared on notice, saying that he'll be checking out his story and warns he'd better not be trying to scam the family. A miserable Natalie runs into an equally miserable John at Capricorn.

Although she ends up giving her blessing, Dorian subtly tries to talk Rex out of proposing to Adriana. Cristian and Layla are both distraught to discover that Layla's mother had Evangeline moved to the family home.

Starr apologizes to Langston for lashing out at her about Cole.

One Life To Live
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