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PART I: Ramsey is livid when John and Miles stonewall him by not giving up Cole. John spins a plausible story of shooting Miles, which Bo seems to buy but still has his suspicions. Starr begs Cole to let the truth about Miles' shooting remain buried. Cole encounters John at the station. Roxy wears her feelings for Miles on her sleeve. Starr lashes out at Langston, who supports Cole's decision to come forward about the shooting.

PART II: Nigel warns Jared not to do anything that would hurt the Buchanans, who get the results of the DNA test. Jared can't fight his feelings for Natalie. Adriana accuses Dorian of still not approving of Rex, who visits Dorian to request Adriana's hand in marriage. Sarah urges Cristian to follow Blair's advice about Evangeline and visit her. Cristian goes to Evangeline's room ... and finds it empty!

One Life To Live
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