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Escorting him into his new place, Natalie tells Miles not to worry too much about Vikki, and complains that everyone thinks she's making a terrible decision to help him. John explains to Michael and Rex that this is a police matter now and he wants the truth about who Tommy is.


They try to cover but Michael angrily pleads with his brother not to destroy his family, asking him to take this secret to his grave. Sadly, John states that he can't do that and points out that Spencer would win. Crying, Michael pleads with John to reconsider.


As Cristian (David Fumero) pulls back, bloody and holding the knife, Hunter crumbles to the ground, suffering from the knife wound. Though Cristian tries to keep Hunter alive while Sarah calls for help, Hunter dies.

After he calls the police, Cristian comforts a very emotional Sarah.

She's amazed he stepped in right at that moment to save her life.


Hearing about the thug's death, John realizes that his case against Miles has just gotten weaker. Vincent and then Layla try to keep Todd from seeing Evangeline. He offers Vincent big bucks for a moment alone with her but walks away when he refuses the bribe. After Vincent and Layla assume all is safe, he offers to drive her home but she lets him know she's ready to go to bed with him.


With the coast clear, Todd makes his way in to see Evangeline. Devastated to see her in a coma and wondering if he is to blame, Todd tells her that he now believes that his son is dead.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Layla make love for the first time.

One Life To Live
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