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Talia (Beth Ann Bonner) is embarrassed to bump into Antonio as she finishes up an undercover shift as a prostitute. Miles confides to Natalie how he intentionally withheld information about Todd's missing son.

At the banquet, onlookers gasp in shock as John (Michael Easton) places the newly anointed "Woman of the Year" under arrest for killing Spencer.


A gloomy Nash explains to Roxy how losing controlling interest of his business to Antonio might well signal the end. Meanwhile, Jared tells Antonio he's willing to match the asking price for his share of the vineyard. Though Marcie loudly objects to her friend's arrest, a nervous Michael hisses at his wife to stay out of it.

Miles finally opens the bus station locker with the key Spencer left him.


Jessica phones from London to check in with Nash, who deliberately neglects to mention how his night of gambling left him penniless. While Lindsay reassures an agitated Marcie, Rex and Adriana speculate about what could have driven Jen's mother to murder.

Miles reveals to a surprised Natalie that Todd's son is alive and well and living in Llanview.

  • Dorian fantasizes about being named Woman of the Year in the wake of Lindsay's scandalous exit from the awards ceremony.
  • Down at the precinct house, John tells Lindsay he knows why she silenced Spencer.
  • Jessica decides to return home from London ahead of schedule.
One Life To Live
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