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Clint (Jerry ver Dorn) coaches Dorian on the finer points of Texas Hold' Em in preparation for the Monte Carlo night fund raising gala at the Palace.

Michael anxiously holds his breath as Blair cuddles Tommy and comments to Todd on how much the boy resembles their son when Jack was his age.

Meanwhile, John goes to confession and admits to the priest that he knows about a child who's being kept from his natural parents.

The Episode

Feeling guilty about spacing out on her twin sister's big event, Jessica talks Nash into escorting her to the fundraiser.

Starr and her friends are amused to catch Dorian and Clint kissing. Viki encourages Natalie to try and consider Todd's feelings where Miles is concerned.

As Blair coaxes a disinterested Todd to hold baby Tommy, Michael hastily grabs back "his" son. Sarah tells Antonio and Cristian she's certain Hunter would have spilled the beans about Miles.

Starr lends Cole a sympathetic ear as he bemoans his mother's fate. Natalie assures Viki that Miles is deserving of their trust. John has a vision of his late father, who advises him to follow his heart.

Out of her daughter's earshot, Viki warns Miles she'll make him regret it if he ever hurts Natalie. Starr wonders if her parents might be on the road to remarriage yet again.


Sarah and Cris tease Antonio about his upcoming date with Talia. As the gala gets underway, Dorian can't resist taunting Viki about arriving alone. Markko cajoles Langston, Starr and Cole (Brandon Buddy) to join him in a game of strip poker.

One Life To Live
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