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Dwayne is worried about jamal being out and about after the threat.

Monse goes to her mother's funeral.

Cesar and his father bond and share a special moment. His father says he looks up to him. 

Jamal asks oscar to ask Cuchillos for an extension.

 Monse doesn't want to be at the funeral. 

 Spooky tries to convince Cuchillos to work with 19th street gang and give the group more time to find lil Ricky. She dismissed him and reminded him that she owns him.

Ruby makes a scene at monse's moms wake.  

Julia's husband talks to monse. He wonders what she said before she left because julia never got over it and mentioned that Julia left them multiple times before too.

Ray tells oscar he is going to Bakersfield. He encouraged him to get out of the gang life. Oscar lashes out and eventually  breaks down in tears. They hug. He pushes Ray away and Ray leaves.

Cesar blames oscar when ray leaves and echos the same words oscar said to ray. 

Jamal questions Rose about lil Ricky and something she says prompts him to do more research he figures out ricky is an anonymous producer for young music artists. 

Monse comforts her father who is thinking about Julia abanding them.  

   Monse breaks down with ruby. She wonders if she has become desensitise to violence. He reassures her that as long as she's wondering she still feels she's feeling something. 

Ruby goes to apologize to jasmine for how he treated her and says he has feelings for her but she tells him that he only comes to her for security. It isn't real.  

On My Block
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On My Block Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Spooky: I didn't know shit about you snatching up my brother and his friends after I delivered the Prophet$ and clean cash. I was right about that, just like I'm right about 19th street. They're fearless. They have no code. They don't care if they die, which means they don't care if innocent people do either.
Cuchillos: They're little boys. Whiny little bitches whose balls haven't dropped. Traviesos.
Spooky: Traviesos we can't control. We need to work with them. Neutralize them.

Ray: You're a good kid. I'm proud of you.
Cesar: Thank you.
Ray: I had a shitty dad. Never thought I'd be a good one. You know that old saying, you don't get to choose your parents? Truth is, you don't get to choose your kids either. If I could ... I'd choose you, mijo. Yeah, you're the first person I've ever looked up to.
Cesar: Me? I'm nothing to look up to.
Ray: No. I know nothing. As long as I've been alive, I've been nothing. You, you aren't nothing. You're a kid who's never needed anything, let alone anyone, to be something. Someone to look up to.
Cesar: Well, I'm proud of you too, dad.