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  • The core four follow the instructions to the highway and go looking through the woods for Spooky's body. 
  • They all are freaking out. They're scared that cuchillos will still be after them and kill them like she probably did Spooky. 
  • Cesar is the most upset and trying to keep it goether, but when Jamal and Ruby only seem interested in themselves, he snaps and reminds them that they always spoke badly about the gang and Oscar but always needed him, and he's not giving up on finding his brother. 
  • Ruby reminds Cesasr that he isn't the only person who lost someone and that knowing him is a liability that has cost all of them. Jamal agrees. 
  • Cesar demands respect and they also remind him tha tthey aren't his gang, and don't need to fall in line with him. 
  • Monse tries to defuse the situation. 
  • They hear noises and find a grave. Cesar looks in and sees Cuchillos dead. The 19th street gang come out and tell them that she's dead. They light her body on fire. 
  • Oscar is at Abuelita's house getting stitched up. She thanks him for everyting that he has done protecting all of them. 
  • Oscar arranges a meeting with the 19th street gang to give them territories. He promises a new day, and less violence. They agree their leader saying he wants to make it to his 16th birthday. 
  • Cesar thinks he's being naive and Oscar says he's hopeful and Cesar taught him that. He wants a wife and kid and a new life. 
  • Ruby goes to apologize to Jasmine, and he tells her how much he cares about her. They're official. 
  • Monse is supposed to be going to her new school, but she wants to change her mind. Monte tries to convince her to go. He tells her that she can't stay for a gangbanger and Cesar overhears him.
  • Cesar convinces Monse to go, and she says farewell to everyone making them promise that they'll all be freinds and stay together. 
  • it flashes forward two years. Monse is at her new school and has a whole new life and new friends, her picture of her old ones forgotten in the back. 
  • Jamal is a jock at school now after taking up football. 
  • Jasmine and Ruby are still together, but they don't talk to jamal anymore. 
  • Oscar has his happy life with a pregnant wife 
  • Cesar is now known as Lil' Spooky. He's the leader of the Santos, he's jumping more kids into the gang.He's hardened and tatted up, and looks like a miniature version of what his brother used to be. 
On My Block
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On My Block Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Monse, I never got to tell him I was sorry. I never got to thank him for everything he has done for me. 


Monse: Spooky's dead. He's processing losing the only real family that he has.
Ruby: No we're the only real family that he has.
Monse: Then act like it.