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A 24 years old woman is trapped under water during a scuba accident.  Dr. Keaton has to amputate her leg to free her.  Her estranged father took her on the trip and she blames him for her injury. 

Back at the clinic Tommy helps the young woman see that her Dad has a difficult time showing emotion but that he is trying to be there for her.  With Tommy and Mina’s help, she forgives her Dad.

Angus Sinclair, a cultural linguist who works in the jungle makes his annual trip to the clinic for treatment and to flirt with Zee, making Otis jealous. Sinclair pushes Zee to come away with him.  Zee begins to reevaluate her relationships with the men in her life.  She breaks things off with Otis but does not go away with Sinclair.

Mateo, the man Lily flirted with in the bar last week comes to the clinic with a gunshot wound.  He claims he was hurt by a farmer’s rifle trap.  Otis says the bullet is the kind the local police use.  Per clinic policy he contacts the police.

Mateo then tells Lily that he was shot by a crooked cop while he was defending his sister.  Lily lies to the police and says she was mistaken about the bullet.  The Officer does not believe her but Ben backs her up.  Mateo flees.  When Lily thanks Ben he says he didn’t lie for Mateo, he did it for her.

Ben notices Ryan is short of breath at a soccer game.  After a scuba dive, Ryan becomes very ill.  Everyone assumes she has the bends but Ben isn’t convinced.  He wants to run more tests but Ryan begs off, saying she’s tired and the tests will wait.

Off the Map
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Off the Map Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Charlie: How much do you make being a doctor?
Otis: A lot less than you make being a bookie, I'll tell you that much.

Look at this. My arms around a child and I'm not even wearing a hazmat suit.