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Nurse Jackie Season 4

"Handle Your Scandal"

Cruz pushes Jackie to the breaking point on the season four finale, while O'Hara goes into labor.

"Are Those Feathers?"

The ER is extra crazy on Nurse Jackie this week, while a rebellious Grace refuses to get out of bed unless Jackie agrees to let he her switch schools.

"Chaud & Froid"

Cruz learns about Jackie's rehab and takes revenge on coworkers this week. Elsewhere, Eddie is deposed by Kevin's lawyer.

"Day of the Iguana"

Jackie receives advice from her divorce attorney this week, while she also assists Charlie and learns something about her new friend.


Jackie has a sex dream about Cruz this week, while Kevin sues for full custody. Elsewhere, O'Hara and Akalitus treat a transgender teen.

"One-Armed Jacks"

Jackie invites Kevin to lunch this week on Nurse Jackie, while Dr. Cruz upsets the staff with a dress code.

"Slow Growing Monsters"

Grace learns the truth about her mother on this Nurse Jackie episode, while Cruz docks Jackie's pay.

"The Wall"

Jackie returns to work this week, against her counselor's wishes. She finds the hospital has changed a whole lot.

"Disneyland Sucks"

We go inside of rehab with Jackie on this episode, while Dr. Cooper is told to shave.

"Kettle Kettle Black Black"

Changes abound on the season four premiere of Nurse Jackie. Foremost among them: the title character is off to rehab.

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