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Jackie is near withdrawal this week, as the death of her drug dealer forces her to get desperate in order to support her habit. As a result, she sends almost all of her staff off on separate drug store runs in order to supply her with strong stuff that's over the counter.

But Kelly might really be on to her. He's alerted by Eddie that the pills he handed off to Jackie, meant for Oncology, didn't all arrive. He protects his boss, but he's clearly suspicious.


- Intent in marrying, Coop Facebook friends his high school sweetheart. He wants to ask for her hand.

- O'Hara buys a townhouse.

- Kevin tells Jackie he sold an old pinball machine and is traveling up to Long Island to give it away. Might he be lying to her?

Nurse Jackie
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Nurse Jackie Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

If you go into cardiac arrest, I will kill you.

Zoey [to Lenny]

Coop: Dudeville, population three: booya!

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