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On this week's episode...

... Coop grew a bit frustrated over the treatment of his cardboard cutouts that the hospital purchases for him as the face of All Saints. On one of them, someone wrote: I Grab Boons. We bet it was Jackie.

... Zoey learned that she is NOT pregnant.

... O'Hara's former girlfriend, the famous reporter we learned about last week, surprised her at the hospital. They went out to lunch with Jackie and it's clear there's major history between the two. O'Hara is seriously, seriously smitten!

... Jackie opened the episode in Eddie's best, said she "liked" him and also asked him to not approach Kevin again. But that didn't exactly last. Likely peeved over Jackie using the wrong "L" word, Eddie invited Kevin out again later that day for a night out. But Jackie showed up and made it clear this wasn't acceptable. Eddie said if she lies to him again, he'll tell Kevin everything.

Jackie's response: Oh, it's on now!

Nurse Jackie
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Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Jackie: I am here because I like you. Not because you have drugs.
Eddie: You like me, huh?
Jackie: What do you want me to say, Eddie?
Eddie: What do you think?

Jackie: I love this place, always remembers how I like my coffee.
Eddie: Yes, it remembers all things related to her.