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Maggie realizes a new creative individual is going to cause problems for everyone. 

She realizes that he tried to kill Vic on not one but two occasions. 

Maggie makes her way to a bar and bumps into him. 

This leads to some shocking twists as they compare notes. 

They go up to his hotel room and he bares his soul to her. He tells her he wants invincibility. 

Maggie takes a chance and steals his hourglass, but he catches on to her. 

An intense battle plays out and she overpowers -- and kills -- him. 

Vic tells her mom what is happening and her mom vows to get her a psych evaluation. 

But she changes focus later when Chris spills all to her. 

Vic gets a phone call from Wayne after Bing seemingly helps him. 


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NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

One of the many wonders of Christmasland is that any child gets to be who they are. So, Wayne, who do you want to be?


Linda: Back in bed.
Vic: Mom, I can't.
Linda: You've got an injured spleen. If it ruptures, you'll die.
Vic: Ma, listen to me, I have to find my son. I am the only one who can do it, so please go.
Linda: Go get Agent Delta.
Vic: No, he can't help.
Linda: Look, honey, I know you feel powerless.
Vic: I don't, OK. I can find him, Ma. I can. With my triumph, I can find anything.
Linda: You have a concussion.
Vic: No. I don't, I have a gift, and... I have a gift. Do you remember Sharon Smith?
Linda: Yeah.
Vic: I didn't just stumble on to her body when I was a kid. I used my gift to find her.
Linda: Your gift? Alright, so, what, you drew Sharon's body in the field.
Vic: No, I tore the fabric between the real world and the world of thought, and I can do it again to find Wayne.
Linda: OK, you can't tear anything or find anyone with a ruptured spleen.
Vic: Ma, I need you to listen to me.
Linda: I love you, I need you to sit right down. If you don't sit down right now, I'm gonna order a psych eval.