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Nikita Season 3

"'Til Death Do Us Part"

On the season three finale of Nikita, Amanda forces Nikita into a situation where she must decide whether to save Michael or herself.

"Invisible Hand"

Michael wonders if Nikita is committed to a future with him beyond Division while Amanda's partners provide her a truly terrifying weapon on Nikita.

"High Value Target"

An agent under Amanda's control finds Division's black box putting the team in danger on Nikita.

"Self Destruct"

Nikita and Michael try to salvage what they can at Division while Alex reverts back to her former self on Nikita.

"Broken Home"

Amanda has Nikita drugged and subjects her to the mental conditioning process while Sean and Birkhoff set out to rescue the women they love on Nikita.


Alex decides to leave Division while Owen uncovers his past with Amanda's help on Nikita.

"Tipping Point"

A prosthetic hand could bring Michael back to his former self but the price may be too high on Nikita.


Alex and Nikita disagree over a plan to kill the president of Chad and a secret threatens to destroy Division on Nikita.

"The Life We've Chosen"

Alex tries to break out of prison with a new friend but Amanda tries to use her as a bargaining chip for Ari on this episode of Nikita.


Nikita and Amanda must figure out how to work together in order to escape and when Michael assigns Alex to be Nikita's back-up, Owen is furious on Nikita.

"With Fire"

Ari wants $50 millions for information that could stop a terrorist attack and capture the people involved on Nikita.

"Black Badge"

Nikita works to free Sean when he's framed for killing the director of the CIA but her plan just might get him killed on Nikita.

"Brave New World"

Michael runs Operations while Nikita heads to Kosovo on a mission that may have surprising consequences for Division on Nikita.

"Survival Instincts"

On Nikita, Ryan sends out a team when a rogue agent kidnaps his girlfriend and Nikita wonders why Michael sends Owen out into the field with her instead of coming himself.


NIkita and Owen must go up against a rogue agent while Michael gets a new position with Division on Nikita.


As Nikita returns, Birkhoff reveals who Amanda's mole is while Michael has a confrontation with Alex.


On Nikita, while trying to catch Amanda, Nikita and Michael use an arms dealer as bait while Alex starts to unravel.

"The Sword's Edge"

On Nikita, when a former Division agent and current President of Uzbekistan visits the US, Nikita attempts to capture him.


Owen is back on this episode of Nikita! He's shocked by all that's gone down without him around.

"True Believer"

On Nikita, an arrest leads Nikita to wonder why Division is continuing to investigate Percy's old mission.


On Nikita, when a young girl is brainwashed to detonate a bomb to take out a target, Nikita attempts to save her.


The new Division is on the hunt for The Dirty Thirty on the Season 3 premiere. How is Ryan doing as the new Percy?

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