On New Girl Season 5 Episode 8, Reagan informs Winston and Nick she will have sleep with one of them if they can decide who gets to have sex with her.

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When you watch New Girl Season 5 Episode 8 online you'll see how far two men will go to try to sleep with one woman. Reagan starts to get tired of the way Winston and Nick are unable to make a decision when it comes to simple things. She tells the guys she will sleep with one of them if they can make a decision on who gets to sleep with her. The guys are surprised by this and decide to go into the bedroom to discuss who gets to have sex with Reagan. Thankfully Reagan informs Schmidt and Cece she has no intentions of sleeping with either guy, but just wants them to make their own decision. Nick and Winston start bickering about who is the better man, but Winston wins out when he reminds Nick of the time Nick French kissed the girl he had a crush on back when they were in the fifth grade. Nick and Winston inform Reagan about who they decided on and Reagan scares Winston by telling him to prepare for the sex by doing various odd things. Winston confides in his partner Ali who assures him he has nothing to worry about and that he has kind eyes. Winston goes back to the loft and talks about Ali to Reagan and Nick who figure out Winston has feelings for Ali. Winston decides to go back to Ali and invite her out for drinks, but is disappointed when he finds out she has a boyfriend. Want to relieve Nick and Winston's bickering match? Go watch New Girl online now via TV Fanatic.

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On New Girl Season 5 Episode 8, chaos reigns when Reagan tells Nick and Winston that she will only sleep with one of them and Schmidt meets his college frenemy.

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New Girl Season 5 Episode 8 Quotes

Have either of you ever made a decision in your lives?


Good luck with these two because if they get really hungry then all bets are off.