On New Girl Season 4 Episode 11 the whole gang is going home for Christmas and decide to ride together to the airport -- crazy antics are sure to happen!

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When you watch New Girl Season 4 Episode 11 online you will get to see how it is really like to travel on Christmas -- just don't do it! The friends are all traveling for the holiday's and decide to drive together to the airport so they can all say good-bye to each other -- unfortunately there is a huge winter storm over the midwest which has grounded many flights including Winston and Nick's flight to Chicago. So Nick and Winston devise a plan to get people booted off -- they pretend to work for the airport to get people off the plan and they even restort to doing some uncomfortable things so people wouldn't want to fly with them. Their efforts do not get them a plane ticket, but thankfully Jess becomes friends with a ticket taker who is able to get the guys a flight. Meanwhile, Jess is flying to London to be with Ryan and his family, but she has cold feet at the airport. To make matters worse her presents get stolen and the pictures that Ryan sends of his home (which is gigantic) and his family do not help Jess's nerves. Jess sends Ryan a text that she can't make it but before she can leave the airport the friends convince that she needs to go and take a chance. Schmidt and Cece enjoy some first class luxury until an older gentleman tries to "buy" Cece from Schmidt which Schmidt refuses; though he doesn't tell Cece what happened. Coach, meanwhile, decides to give up his trip to Hawaii to go and see his family as well as his little niece.

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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 11, the gang is all traveling for Christmas and decide to get a ride together to the airport -- crazy antics are sure to be had!

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