On New Girl Season 4 Episode 7 Jess has a new guy named Ian in her life and when she tells him about her ex boyfriend Nick, she informs Ian that Nick is gay and that it is not at all weird that she still live with him.

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When you watch New Girl Season 4 Episode 7 online you will join Nick and Jess as they try to convince the new man in her life, Ian, that Nick is gay and that it is not all weird to live with her ex. Nick is all for joining the ruse and even comes up with a good cover story to try to convince Ian that he is in fact gay but things take a turn when Nick meets a woman named Autumn and brings her to the loft to sleep with her. She has no problem at all with Nick living with his ex Jess and even though Jess tries to convince her that Jess is the crazy ex girlfriend, it just does not work on her. Meanwhile, Cece decides that she wants breast reduction surgery so she does not have to endure the same back pain that the other women in her life had to deal with. Schmidt does not want her to get the surgery and tries to convince her not to do it; meanwhile he is also going through the different stages of grief while trying to convince her not to go with the surgery. Also Winston tries to get a date with one of the new neighbors and Coach helps him try to score with the women; things backfire at first but they turn out great for Winston in the end.

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On New Girl Season 4 Episode 7, Jess brings a new boyfriend to the loft and fails to let Nick know that she let her new guy think that Nick is in fact gay.

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